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Duke Ligon Joins Peter J. Solomon Company as Senior Advisor


Duke Ligon pic
Duke Ligon
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Oklahoma City resident Duke Ligon has led operations at the Mekusukey Oil Company since establishing the private mineral investment firm nearly five decades ago. In addition to his work at the Oklahoma City company, Duke Ligon recently joined the Peter J. Solomon Company as senior advisor.

The announcement of Mr. Ligon joining the Peter J. Solomon Company was initially made by chief executive officer Marc S. Cooper. Speaking in the fall of 2017, Mr. Cooper described the company’s new senior advisor as an experienced industry veteran, citing his work on countless corporate and advisory boards in both the non-profit or for-profit sectors, and as a longtime friend and partner to various members of the Peter J. Solomon energy group.

As senior advisor, Duke Ligon will be tasked primarily with furthering the investment banking advisory firm’s strategic advisory services, which have been developed specifically for the benefit of chief executive officers, members of senior management teams, and individuals in other business leadership and ownership positions.


Duke Ligon Joins Peter J. Solomon Company as a Senior Advisor

Duke Ligon pic
Duke Ligon
Image: pjsc.com

Duke Ligon is an accomplished Oklahoma City attorney and business leader with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. He led Devon Energy Corporation for decades and presently serves on the boards of companies such as BlueKnight Energy Partners, LP, and Panhandle Oil and Gas, Inc. Expanding his leadership responsibilities, Duke Ligon recently accepted a senior advisory position with the Peter J. Solomon Company.

As reported by the Westminster College News, the new position builds on a longstanding relationship with the Houston-based firm’s energy advisory practice. Peter J. Solomon Company CEO Marc S. Cooper described a sense of excitement in welcoming the Oklahoma City executive to his senior advisory team. In particular, Mr. Ligon has long served as a mentor to energy group members, and he has a unique vantage point that spans Wall Street and the oil sector.

In the news article, Mr. Ligon additionally mentioned the long-lasting career impetus he received from Dr. William Parrish at Westminster College when he studied there. In addition to propelling him on a quest to improve his learning, Dr. Parrish introduced him to unique synergies between the law, oil, and banking.

Peter J. Solomon Company Helps Raise Awareness About Food Deserts


Peter J. Solomon Company pic
Peter J. Solomon Company
Image: pjsc.com

Duke Ligon, an Oklahoma City energy executive, owns and manages the Mekusukey Oil Company, LLC. Recently, Duke Ligon also became a senior advisor to the Peter J. Solomon Company, a leading Wall Street financial advisory firm, which he counsels regarding energy matters.

Peter J. Solomon’s Food Retail & Restaurants practice recently held an event to raise awareness about the more than 20 million Americans who live in “food deserts.” Food deserts are places where people lack access to grocery stores with fresh food. Taking center stage at the event was a nonprofit organization named UpLift. Its mission is to increase access to fresh, healthy foods for economically disadvantaged people in food deserts nationwide.

With an eye on practical solutions, UpLift acts as a liaison between food retailers, developers, and city, state, and federal programs to encourage the development of profitable food stores in areas that need them.

For those interested in making a contribution, go to www.UpLiftSolutions.com.