Europe Leading the Way in Switch to Renewable Energy


Energy Bar Association pic
Energy Bar Association

Duke Ligon of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a decorated veteran who served in both the US army and US intelligence. An attorney focused on energy law, Duke Ligon of Oklahoma City is a member of the Energy Bar Association, which recently published an article lauding renewable energy in Europe.

Demonstrating that a future free from fossil fuels is possible, Portugal recently set the bar high by running on clean energy for four straight days. For a continuous stretch of 107 hours, Portugal relied on wind, sunlight, and hydropower energy to power its homes and industries, becoming the latest European country to set a milestone in the use of renewable energy.

Europe has been making headlines because of its commitment to renewable energy. Only recently, solar and wind energy powered Germany for an entire day, even causing an energy surplus and negative power prices, while the UK reported four instances of renewable energy generation.

Wind is the leading source of renewable energy in Europe. In Portugal, for example, 48 percent of the energy generated in 2015 was renewable, 22 percent of which was from wind. Denmark and Spain, Europe’s leading powerhouses in renewable energy, surpassed domestic targets in 2015 and are set to export surplus energy to their neighbors.

Not to be left behind, other European countries such as Germany, Poland, France, and the UK ramped up their wind power capacity, putting Europe ahead of the pack in the push for renewable energy.