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Duke Ligon Joins Peter J. Solomon Company as a Senior Advisor

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Duke Ligon

Duke Ligon is an accomplished Oklahoma City attorney and business leader with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. He led Devon Energy Corporation for decades and presently serves on the boards of companies such as BlueKnight Energy Partners, LP, and Panhandle Oil and Gas, Inc. Expanding his leadership responsibilities, Duke Ligon recently accepted a senior advisory position with the Peter J. Solomon Company.

As reported by the Westminster College News, the new position builds on a longstanding relationship with the Houston-based firm’s energy advisory practice. Peter J. Solomon Company CEO Marc S. Cooper described a sense of excitement in welcoming the Oklahoma City executive to his senior advisory team. In particular, Mr. Ligon has long served as a mentor to energy group members, and he has a unique vantage point that spans Wall Street and the oil sector.

In the news article, Mr. Ligon additionally mentioned the long-lasting career impetus he received from Dr. William Parrish at Westminster College when he studied there. In addition to propelling him on a quest to improve his learning, Dr. Parrish introduced him to unique synergies between the law, oil, and banking.

Heritage Trust Offers Four-Stage Planning Process

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Heritage Trust

Duke Ligon serves on the board of directors of 10 publicly traded or closely held companies, the majority of which are based in Oklahoma City. An attorney with more than 35 years of legal expertise in various sectors, Duke Ligon is not only on the board of directors for Oklahoma City’s Heritage Trust Company but also serves as a member of its compensation committee and succession committee.

Heritage Trust Company is an independent trust bank that was established in 1998 as an alternative to big bank trust departments. The company employs the following four stages to help clients with their various needs, from oil and gas to investment management in year one.

1. Execute agreements. The first step prior to substantial planning is to initiate a transfer of assets and complete proper documentation.

2. The first few weeks involves developing steps to execute a financial plan. This stage involves a risk tolerance questionnaire and reviewing account objectives as well as help with investing assets.

3. Ongoing communication is crucial for client success. Heritage Trust’s relationship managers provide monthly statements, quarterly performance reports, and proactive communication on a periodic basis.

4. An annual review is conducted at the end of the year, with an emphasis on yearly performance and current objectives.

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