Month: October 2017

Color Bearers Unite to Preserve America’s Civil War Sites

Color Bearers pic
Color Bearers

A resident of Oklahoma City, Duke Ligon owns and manages Mekusukey Oil Company and serves Peter J. Solomon Company as a senior advisor. Outside of his work in the energy sector, Duke Ligon holds positions on the boards of several nonprofit organizations, including that of the Civil War Trust.

The nonpartisan Civil War Trust works to preserve history by protecting significant battlefields of the Civil War, the War of 1812, and the Revolutionary War. However, urban sprawl and development poses an urgent threat to the preservation of these sites, and many have already been lost.

One way to support the Civil War Trust is through membership in the Color Bearers. Modeled after their 19th-century counterparts, Color Bearers commit themselves as leaders of the mission to save the nation’s battlegrounds. For a monthly fee, Color Bearer memberships are available in five successive levels: Regimental, Brigade, Division, Corps, and National. Each subsequent level enjoys the benefits of the level or levels prior.

Renowned Oklahoma City Philharmonic Conductor to Retire


 Joel Levine pic
Joel Levine

Duke Ligon, founder of Mekusukey Oil Company and board member of numerous energy-focused companies and charitable organizations, is among the notable supporters of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic Foundation. Duke Ligon’s contributions have enabled the Foundation to further the mission of the Philharmonic in providing a musical education for the city’s residents.

The 30-year-old orchestra and its conductor and music director, Joel Levine, have built a strong program of selections to enrich the culture of the region. Since the Philharmonic’s inception in 1988, Levine has led the professional musicians as they developed into a widely respected ensemble.

Over Levine’s tenure, the orchestra developed its popular holiday program called “The Christmas Show!” Other seasonal programs include concerts in celebration of the Fourth of July and Labor Day. The Labor Day concert, in particular, has become a local tradition, with many families including it in their long weekend.

Under Levine’s direction, the Philharmonic has hosted world-renowned guest performers, including cellist Yo-Yo Ma and violinist Itzhak Perlman. After the conclusion of the 2017-18 season, Joel Levine will step aside to allow new music director Alexander Mickelthwate to take the Philharmonic to further successes.