Regina to Host 2017 Williston Basin Petroleum Conference


Williston Basin Petroleum Conference pic
Williston Basin Petroleum Conference

A graduate of the University of Texas Law School who has gone on to accrue more than 35 years of experience practicing energy law, Duke Ligon currently serves on numerous boards of directors for publicly traded or closely held companies within and beyond the Oklahoma City area. Although he has worked primarily in Oklahoma City throughout his career, Duke Ligon is currently a board member for Emerald Oil, which is based in Denver, Colorado.

An oil exploration and production business, Emerald Oil has ownership of approximately 121,000 acres in the Williston Basin, one of North America’s largest oil resources. The Williston Basin is a sedimentary basin area that covers more than 250,000 square kilometers in three states and two Canadian provinces and each year a petroleum conference is held to enhance crude oil education and development.

The 2017 conference will be held in Regina, Saskatchewan from May 2-4 and it will feature exhibitors and presenters from throughout the oil and gas industry, with an emphasis on topics such as production optimization, remote capture technologies, and environmental issues, among others.

To learn more, those interested can visit


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