Melvin Moran – Portrait of an Oklahoma Philanthropic Leader

Melvin Moran pic
Melvin Moran

Oklahoma City-based Duke Ligon is the head of Mekusukey Oil Company, LLC, and a board member of several other energy-focused companies. Outside of work, Duke Ligon supports numerous nonprofit art and cultural organizations and is a member of the board of directors of Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum in Seminole, Oklahoma, an organization that promotes learning through play.

The museum’s co-founder, Melvin Moran, is the subject of a 2010 biography published by the Oklahoma Heritage Association and promoted by the museum. Entitled Moving Heaven and Earth – The Life of Melvin Moran, the book details the life of a man who experienced the Great Depression as a child and later achieved prominence in the oil and gas industry.

Moran, a Seminole resident for most of his life, is the son of European Jewish immigrants. He served with the United States Air Force and met the woman who became his wife while stationed in London. Although Melvin and Jasmine Moran made central Oklahoma their home, their influence extends around the world.

The Morans were the major fundraising force behind the creation of one of the first museums in the country dedicated to the needs and interests of children. A quarter of a century after its creation, the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum continues to provide enriching experiences through its interactive replica of a functioning town, complete with opportunities for children to engage in pretend play as doctors, firefighters, government officials, and many other professions.


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